Seasons & Colors

Seasons and Colors brings the palette of colors to life in the imagination of a young child named Ericka.  As she seeks to find her favorite color, she encounters animals, plants and the wonders of nature.  Children will learn about the four seasons and a beautiful variety of colors as they journey together with Ericka.   

At the end of the book, there is a creative communication exercise that allows children to interact with the details of the story in a fun and interesting way.  

My hope is that this book will be a joyful learning experience for your child, with a greater appreciation of nature, its colors, and the great wide world around them.

Book Reviews

Great Graphics, Easy to read, wonderful colors! Perfect for kids and parents to read together. Inspiring to see the father daughter relationship and the stories! Really great job by the Author!

Doug Format: Kindle Edition

Great book. My kids lover it.

S P Format: Kindle Edition

I purchase this book couple of weeks ago, me and my 3 girls love it, it’s touch few subjects(not like other books) make them to be excited, what’s next? Very colorful,easy to read, highly recommended.

Alexandra Kuvshinova Format: Kindle Edition

Seasons and Colors is such a fun, smart & entertaining book. The main characters, Ericka & her dad, have great senses of humor. The dialogue keeps you engaged and eager to discover how the next season will look and feel for all creation. The illustrations are amazing and very useful for learning. This is an excellent book for all families to enjoy.

Enoch Mateo Format: Paperback

This book is really amazing. It was a joy to read it.

Karen Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

I love this book! It is very well written for kids to appreciate each seasons and its colors. Also this book is written based on conversation with daughter and father….It is very heartwarming. I highly recommend this book!

AKIKO OGAWA Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Excellent book for my 2 girls. They are the ages 3 and 5. They both say it’s their favorite and ask me to read it all the time. I would recommend to any parents.

James Lee Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

We love it, my kids and I , sweet simple and beautiful, I will buy the hard-copy to have it on my shelf

Omar Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

I bought this book for my son. He really likes this book and he wants me to read it to him constantly. I really like the beautiful and colorful pictures. It talks about different seasons, and how animals go to sleep in winter. I love the close relationship between father and daughter. This is a perfect book for young children to learn colors, and seasons.

FH Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

A book about the seasons and their colors for the young readers and their parents. My second grade son enjoyed practicing his reading while his 4 years old friend liked to learn some new things about the 4 season and admire the beautiful pictures. I really like how beautifully Brian Krumm illustrated the pages and loved the clever use of one black page and a picture of the book cover in the book itself. I also enjoyed the fact that this was a journey Ericka took with her father, a nice refreshing addition to an over all lovely and educational children book.

Miri Format: Paperback | Verified Purchase