Seasons and Colors

My name is Karen Ashram and I’d like to thank you for visiting me here at my Seasons and Colors website, which is the namesake title of my recently published book.

This “book for all seasons” invites your child to join Ericka on her fabulous journey as she seeks to find her favorite color in the kaleidoscope of colors presented by the changing seasons.

My motive for writing this book was to create a fun yet informative story that could be read to young children by a parent or other adult, and also to relate an engaging story that everyone can easily identify with because it parallels everyday life experiences.

Although Seasons and Colors is my first published book, I am no stranger to the world of writing and publishing. I enjoy all that's involved in the creative process, and I have especially enjoyed learning about the self-publishing process.

I founded Easy to Print Publishing to serve as a vehicle for my first work, "Seasons and Colors," which is a book for children ages 3-5 years old.



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